So it has been nearly 3 years since I have since last updated this site of mine. I don’t have much to say, but that a lot of has changed within the last 3 years. Went through ups and downs in those 3 years. Where should I start?

I was employed at the Shelter House – Thunder Bay for awhile. Homeless for 2 years when I came back out since my mother’s passing in August 2015. Being homeless has taught me a lot. I learned who the true friends are. They are the ones that are the ones in the same boat as you. We’ve shared a lot with each other even when we had little to offer. There were times I had to sleep outside, but a friend or two would offer to crash outside with me.

When I had my job at the Shelter House I was able to find a roof over my head for awhile until I was let go due to “short of funding”. I worked with Alejandra from Mexico as her Volunteer Coordinator Assistant. That was a new experience for me. After becoming homeless again I began to get in trouble with the law. That’s when my life took a negative turn again. That was until my lawyer recommended I take the diversion with the Canadian Mental Health Association Court Rent Supplement program. Without my lawyer recommending that I go with them I wouldn’t have meet Vanessa who has been such a great person in helping me get back on my feet. Helped me find housing, a parttime job, helped me get my IDs back and my back card. :) Now.. I just have to go to treatment this sometime in May. But before that happens, I want to try relocating to Port Arthur, Westfort or Northwood. Somewhere quiet.

But blah… that’s my life story put in short. I just pray it gets better from here.

Until again…

I never know what to label my posts. I still don’t know how to work this. I honestly prefer the old version of MyKnet where everyone was able to personalize their site to their taste, personality, etc.

Life has been life for me. A bit of a challenge, though, but it’s my doing. I’m looking forward to August. I’m hoping to have everything behind by then, so I can leave. I have things that need to be dealt with first. I am also looking into a few other life changing big decisions in my life. So many choices. My family has given me the green light .. This region is just too much especially with all the hate that is going on in Thunder Bay. I’d get so worried about having pictures taken of me and they being posted to Thunder Bay Dirty. It seems we really have to look and be careful at what we do now like say don’t close your eyes in the bus or anywhere in public to rest a bit because next thing you know you’re on Thunder Bay Dirty labeled as a drunk :P

I have nothing to rant about. Same old, same old. What could really go on in a region of 200,000 that has nothing really to offer.

Until then….. see ya!